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Chapter 3: Ascension.

1: Someone's getting an upgrade.
2: Keep practicing!
3: Silly boys, magic is for girls!
4: I came, I saw!
5: Ranma + cold water = Ranko. An easy to follow recipe.
6: Everyone knows he's engaged!
7: Operation: Boyfriend is on!
8: Lesson learned, not!
9: Cabers 'r' us.
10: Ice Cream, the perfect Ranko bait.
11: Ami, soccer champion!
12: Ranko? Ranma? Is there a difference?
13: Evil is fun!
14: Talent is everywhere!
15: Thank you for flying, Air Akane.
16: Ice cream trap!
17: Ranko, the schoolgirl!
18: Welcome to Juuban High, Ranko.
19: Step into Akane's office.
20: Akane, to the rescue!
21: The cavalry is a bit late.
22: Red and yellow is her color.
23: Ami makes math easy.
24: What word would you use?
25: Your Princess commands you.
26: Every girl's dream, really?
27: Priestesses fight monsters, don't they?
28: This won't end well, will it?
29: They change clothes like Copycat Ken!
30: Assuming she wants to join...
31: Time for a nap.
32: Time for another nap.
33: Yes, it could.
34: Ice cream wakes up anyone.
35: Not the hair!
36: It's not that girly, is it?
37: Silence Glaives, now available at
38: The younger they are, the more lethal they are.
39: It's so you!
40: Jupiter's angry.
41: Some thing's are best left forgotten.
42: Some scars linger beyond lifetimes.
43: The curse sucks.
44: Mother knows best.
45: Yeah, what powers?
46: Ranma? Trouble? Never!
47: Yes you will regret this.
48: Sun Star Power, MAKE UP!
49: Does someone feel a draft?